Versatility Awards Program

The LRCA Versatility Award Program is offered to all members in good standing who have been a member for at least one year. 

The LRCA Versatility Award Program is designed to recognize Lagotti that have distinguished themselves by competing and titling in varying events. These dogs possess the conformation, temperament, intelligence, scenting and working capabilities which represent the essential characteristics of our breed.

There are three levels of LRCA Versatility Awards all based on a points system which is utilized to weigh each title based on difficulty.

·         Versatility Certificate (VC)

·         Versatility Excellent (VCX)

·         Versatility Champion (VCH)

The LRCA will award a Versatility Certificate signed by the club President to any Lagotti owned by a LRCA member, or member of a LRCA member's immediate family, in good standing with the AKC & the club who has fulfilled the requirements. A dog fulfilling these requirements will be listed in the permanent records of the LRCA as a Versatility Certificate (VC) dog, a Versatility Excellent (VCX) dog or a Versatility Champion (VCH) dog. Versatility Certificates will be awarded by the LRCA President at the annual LRCA National Specialty Show.

All applications must be submitted to the Award & Recognition Committee Chair.  Typically, the Versatility Awards are presented each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which coincides with our National Specialty. This year, the AGM will not be held during the Specialty, therefore the deadline to submit applications is now June 26, 2024.

Versatility Certificates Requirements:

Versatility, Versatility Excellent and Versatility Champion Certificates are awarded only when applied for and when accompanied by supporting documentation. This documentation may be presented as screen shots of the dog’s AKC or other organization’s title/points page, AKC title reports, etc. Sports that are adjudicated by other organizations but accepted into AKC should be submitted to AKC for inclusion in the dog’s record whenever possible. For foreign country championships please submit a copy of the championship certificate. Dogs that meet the requirements for the FCI International Championship but do not yet have the championship title certificate in hand may submit the CACIBs that constitute the winning of such title. It is the responsibility of the owner to show how the paperwork fulfills the requirements of FCI or other foreign country titles.

Versatility points are awarded for achievements in Conformation, Scent Skills, Agility, Obedience/Rally, Performance and Companion categories. The dog must earn 2 points in at least 4 categories to qualify for any Versatility award. To earn a VC or VCX award, at least 1 point must be earned in the Scent Skills category. To earn a VCH award at least 2 points must be earned in the Scent Skills category. 

Points Required:

Versatility Certificate (VC) 30 points

Versatility Certificate Excellent (VCX) 45 points

Versatility Champion Certificate (VCH) 60 points.   

Completed applications should be submitted to the LRCA Awards Chair along with title documentation for verification

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