Awards and Recognition: Adrienne Perry (Chair) - Jane "Cubby" Lash, Alana McGee 

Bollettino: Susan Couch (Chair) - Send an email

 Alana McGee, Toni Kay-Wolff, Mel Sykes, Hilarie Gibbs-Sykes, Cat Dronen ,

Breed Health: Judith Martin (Chair) - Send an Email   

Janet Smith, Hilarie Gibbs-Sykes, KimberlyMcBee, Therese Williams, Nancy Wohl,

Kyla Dowler, Joe Romagnano

Breed Mentors (Ringside mentoring)

Lisa Sobon (CA)- Send an Email

Sandy Mignogna (PA)- Send an Email

Adrienne Perry (AZ)- Send an Email 

        Christine Mullen (TN)  Send an Email

         Richard Mullen (TN)  Send an Email

         Judith Martin (TX)  Send an Email

         Carolyn Talbert (VA)  Send an Email

Education: Barry Wagner (Chair) - Send an Email

Bradley Burks

           Webinars - Barry Wagner


Radunos - Michele Calvosa (Chair)  Send an Email

Meet the Breeds - Alvina Estes (Chair)

Judges Education - Adrienne Perry - Send an Email

Judith Martin, Lisa Sobon, Christine Mullen

Legislative Liaison - Roberta York

Marketing:  Denise Peters (Chair) - Send an Email

Joyce Becker

Membership: Carolyn Talbert (Chair) - Send an Email

National Specialty: Jim Talbert (Chair) Send an Email

Volunteer Coordinator - Mel Sykes - Send an Email

Website: Hilarie Gibbs-Sykes - Send an Email  

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