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The Board of the LRCA regrets to announce the cancellation of our National Specialty for 2020. Please review the letter below from Jeff Fischer our National Specialty Chair for more details.

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The LRCA is the AKC parent club for the Lagotto Romagnolo. We work to preserve and protect the Lagotto Romagnolo and provide education, guidance and mentorship to all who are interested in the welfare and advancement of the breed.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium sized dog with thick curly hair and a bright, happy demeanor. The breed originates from Italy and was first used to hunt waterfowl. Since the 19th century it has been specifically bred to hunt the underground tuber known as the truffle.

As a working breed, the Lagotto needs frequent mental stimulation and physical exercise to be happy and content. If properly socialized they get along well with dogs, children and other small pets.  The breed comes in various shades of brown, with or without white, orange, with or without white, off-white, white with brown or orange patches, and brown roan. Tan markings are allowed.




As the National Specialty Chair of the LRCA, I’ve had the honor of sharing triumphs with you and sharing in your fellowship. Today my task holds less appeal.

As social and global forces have prevailed and as Winter has turned to Spring, we’ve all wondered whether the 2020 National Specialty would be impacted…the short answer is “yes”. We’ve done everything conceivable to hold the line and provide you with the kind of show of which you have come to be proud. We’ve clung to the hope that this would pass in a few short weeks. We even secured an alternate date in August. We’ve considered every possible alternative to cancelling the show…today we lost the fight. Limitations on public gatherings have been imposed. Our partners at the Icelandic Sheepdog Society of America with whom we had teamed for performance cancelled last week. Parent breed clubs have been cancelling their Nationals on all sides around. Today the Mississippi Valley and Rhineland Kennel Clubs, our all breed hosts, cancelled the cluster. Our German and Australian judges are unable to travel…in short, over the course of two short weeks the ground has eroded underneath our feet. With the greatest regret it has become apparent to even the most optimistic among us that the 2020 show is no longer viable.

So here’s what we’re going to do…

2021 is going to be an extraordinary show and we’ll plunge into it with the vitality of two. For starters, we’re going to be fully autonomous! We’re going to be at a resort hotel in Sturbridge, MA with its own attached indoor event center and we’re going to grow our club an order of magnitude. We’re also going to venture into the unprecedented…from May 12, 2021 through May 16th the LRCA will be hosting three one day specialties back to back. For the first time we’re going to offer you an American breeder judge panel as Lisa Sobon (Sweeps) and Adrienne Perry (Regular Classes) officiate on May 13th. Friday will see a reprise of Keith Robinson (Sweeps) and Jochen Eberhardt (Regular Classes) who were the victims of this year’s cancellation, and Saturday will provide the intrigue of having Dinora Morsiani judge Sweeps before her husband, Giovanni Morsiani, presides over the Regular Classes. Will their tastes and eyes diverge? This is not a tragedy, it’s simply a brief hiatus. At the end of the day it’s not life or death, it’s a dog show. We’ll be back bigger and better than ever and we’ll make you proud. Promise.


Jeff Fischer

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