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Kendal Walters

Talladega, AL


   GCH Boardwalk Rewrite The Stars TKI VHMA  CHIC#: 148410

   GCH Boardwalk Million Dreams     CHIC #:  148465

Adrienne Perry & Cubby Lash

Madison, AL

Allegro Lagotto


   Ch Allegro's American Aviatrix RN               CHIC #:  116955

   GCHB Nostryffelns Ottima Opera RN BN    CHIC #:  116524

   CH. Allegro's Burnin' the Breeze                  CHIC #:  135404

   Allegro's Outrageous Fortune                 CHIC #:  144021    

Amy Dickey

Tempe, AZ

Crescendo Lagotto

(602) 686-8215

     CH Allegro's New Era Crescendo RN TKN CGC 

        CHIC #:  116957

     Crescendo's Fairway Divot  CHIC #:  152487

     CH Crescendo’s Par for the Course at ImaStar

       CHIC #:  158102

Cynthia Drumbor

Sacramento, CA

Innamorati Lagotti

      Mio Fiore Allegra     CHIC # 173994

      Ch TufflaZ Headin’ West RATN     CHIC #: 190085

  Jamie Rosenthal

 Santa Barbara, CA

 Flying Curls Lagotto Romagnolo


     Flying Curls Jeana  CHIC #: 132503

     Flying Curls Jackson  CHIC #: 132504

     Comes Cordis Olympia  CHIC #:  132502

Lisa Sobon




     CH Larcan's Ice Wine CGC TKN   CHIC#:  154627

Janet Smith

Rocklin, CA

Tenajeff Lagottos


Gothica Dei Boschi D'Oro CGC    CHIC #:  141160

GCH Liberte! Charlie De La Foret Des Hauts De GalGals             CGCA TKI      CHIC #: 141159

CH Il Granio Dei Malatesta Abbronsatissma  CHIC #:  144020

Elaine Randall

Laguna Hills, CA

True Blue Kennel


GCH Kan Trace Victoria CGC TKN  CHIC #: 159451

Sandra Lowrey

Riverdale, CA

Curly Acres Lagotto Romagnolo


White Chocolate Choca Roma  CHIC#: 188244

Tenajeff’s Brunch Club Cream Cheese  CHIC #: 196067

Kimberly McBee

Shawnee, KS

Yellow Brick Road Lagotto


  Perfetto Adele    CHIC #:  116795

  Yellow Brick Road's Apple Of My Eye   CHIC #:  135078

Sarah Terns


Racecity Penzance


Ch Boardwalk Nehi Grape Tradition of Taste  CHIC #: 187836

Lusimdragon Wanda  CHIC #: 194513

Katherine Hollinger, DVM, MPH

Lothian, MD

Joyful Lagotti

CH Joyful Anticipation CGCU, TKN   CHIC#:  182910

CH Joyful Amante delle Onde Rossi CGCA TKN  CHIC#: 182909

GCH CH Solipse Piazza V. Veneto TKN    CHIC#: 174605                 

Noelene Shoemaker

Tobaccoville, NC

Gold leaf Farm


     Krakslottets Beryll Hill     CHIC #:  163648

Catherine Elder

Milford, NJ 08848


    Allegro's All That Glitters At Dolce Vita DCAT TKN CGC

      CHIC #: 145822

   CH Lilyfield Dancing In The Moonlight DCAT CGC TKN  

        CHIC #:  184020

Elizabeth Williams

Junction City, OR

Wilhaven Lagotto Romagnolo


Wilhaven's Distinctively Rich  CHIC #:  123139

Joy Nachmias

Conestoga, Pa


     Solipse Xmas Bella   CHIC #:  155744

Sandy Mignogna

Quakertown, PA 

Dolce Vita Lagotto Romagnolo

     Dolce Vita Brinata    CHIC #:  135559

     CH Kan Trace Simply Irresistible     CHIC #:  135560

Christine Mullen

2478 Drinnen Road

Knoxville, TN 

Squisito Lagotto


     Pinnon Minna         CHIC #:  131822

     Dig'n Designer Bellini   CHIC #:  128373

     Villeokus Eliot Di Lucky        CHIC #:  150233

     Squisito’s Velveteen     CHIC #:  149555

Darcy Kallus


(610) 984-2000

     Grandcru Mount Bethel Splish Splash  CHIC #: 158103

Carolyn Talbert

Tidewater VA

Lambscreek Lagotto

      GCHS Il Granaio dei Malatesta Adriano "Cannoli"

       CHIC #:  116796

     GCH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped 

      CHIC #:  148569

      CH Lambscreek Compass Rose Sunrise, CGC, TKN

      CHIC #:  170370

      Lambscreek Joyful, Joyful CHIC #: 189226

Therese Williams

Bellingham, WA

Montagna del Mare


Montagna del Mare Faythe      CHIC #:  131677

      Ch. Lagotto Lady's Stallone for MDM  CHIC #:140711

     Montagna del Mare Mali     CHIC # 153483

     Montagna del Mare Paisley     CHIC #:162561

     Montagna del Mare Queen Fallon of the Farce 

        CHIC #: 172648

     Gillenias Elric     CHIC #: 169531

     Gillenias Elsie    CHIC #:  170454

Pattie Fischer

Sequim, WA

Bella Fiore Lagottos


     Gillenias Winston       CHIC#:  133183

     Gillenias Winnipeg       CHIC#:  133186

     DCK Pania Parvati        CHIC#:  133182

     Amanda Dal Molino Rosso     CHIC#:  133184

Andrea Pedlar

Yelm, WA

Andiamo Lagotto


West Coast Miuccia Prada  CHIC#:  166982


Melissa Drisdelle

Lower Cloverdale, New Brunswick, Canada

Fiume Kennels


    Apple                 CHIC#:  118569

    Nala del Fiume        CHIC#:  123856

Geoffrey Vande Kuyt

Laodicea Lagotto Romagnolo

(604) 600-1841

Langley, BC Canada V2Y 0K9

     Laodicea's Walter Salutes LK     CHIC#: 149415

     Regun Figo Newton     CHIC#:  167689

     LK Hello Summer For Laodicea     CHIC#:  175519

Tracey Harris

Surrey BC Canada

Lagotto on the Hill


     Solipse San Giovanni Bianco          CHIC #:  140036

     Squeaker Berenice                           CHIC #:  124586

      Kan Trace Schnitty                            CHIC #:  129526

      Kan Trace Sunrise over the Hill      CHIC #:  129280

     Kan Trace Viking Touch                      CHIC #:  142438

     Solipse Ti Amo Brunella                   CHIC #:  142437

     Solipse Ti Amo Lucrezia                   CHIC #:  140712 

      Aquaterra Dogs Elvis                       CHIC #:  145086

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