2024 National Specialty

Dr. Jerold S. Bell, DVM 

Breed Health Seminar

July 27, 2024

Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control

  The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America is pleased to host Dr. Jerold S. Bell, DVM, Veterinary Genetic Counseling, for a 3-hour breed health seminar at the Greenville Convention Center in conjunction with its National Specialty and supported events at the Carolina Foothills Cluster on Saturday afternoon, July 27, 2024.  The focus will be on the Lagotto Romagnolo, but the information shared will also benefit other breeds. 

  This seminar will be presented in two parts: 

  Part 1 will be based on an analysis of a computerized Lagotto Romagnolo pedigree database, AKC registration statistics, and pedigree analysis of the most influential dogs and bitches.  It will discuss genetic diversity in the breed, genetic depletion, how the selection of mates and types of matings manipulates the genes of the ancestors in the pedigree, and popular sire syndrome.  There will be a question and answer period following this section. 

  Part 2 will discuss genetic disorders affecting the Lagotto Romagnolo with updates from conversations with the pertinent researchers. The LRCA’s breed health survey will be analyzed in relation to what is seen in the field.  The talk will cover the different types of genetic tests, their availability, and their proper use.  It will include breeding recommendations to manage different types of genetic disorders. There will be a question and answer period following this section. 

Registration will be required to attend this limited-seating event.  Information on pricing will be available through this page soon.  Please check back for updated details.

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