The 1st Lagotto Romagnolo National Specialty by the numbers

March 08, 2016 11:56 AM | Kendal Walters
March 25th - Final postmark date for Specialty Events Orders if paid by check
March 30th - (noon) Entries close for all Peach Blossom Cluster shows

March 30th - (noon) Entries close for the 1st LRCA National Specialty
March 31st - Reservations closing date for Special Events Orders (PayPal)

March 31st - Final date to pre-order Specialty catalog

April 15th - LRCA Specialty begins with Welcome Buffet and Auction!
April 16th - LRCA Supported Entry - Atlanta Kennel Club show

April 16th - LRCA awards High in Trial at Atlanta Kennel Club show
April 16th - LRCA Annual Meeting (following all-breed judging)
April 17th - Conformation Judging for the LRCA Specialty!
  • Dr. Giovanni Morsiani - Regular classes
  • Wayne Holbrook - Sweepstakes
  • Mary Ellen Macke - Junior Showmanship
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