June 20, 2015 11:08 AM | Kerin Schwartz

The AKC has proudly informed the LRCA that we have been approved for holding licensed championship point events, as well as licensed obedience and rally competitions!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE CLUB? We can now have our own events, the crown jewel of which is a National Specialty. Additionally we are able to hold obedience and rally events.

I AM A PET OWNER. I DON'T SHOW MY DOG. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT TO ME? We can hold events that EVERYONE can participate, in whether they have a show dog or a well trained pet. Along with the National Specialty comes the ability of having an annual meeting- live and in person- year end awards handed out in person, guest speakers, an awards dinner, and more. In a way, having a National brings us back to our “Raduno roots" of having lots of Lagotto specific interests all together over the course of a few days.

WHERE DOES THE LRCA GO FROM HERE? We will not start out with the most elaborate affair, but this is our first step in that direction. We can grow to include conformation showing, obedience and rally trial, the annual meeting, maybe a guest speaker, a workshop, a health clinic, a CGC and/or temperament test and some annual awards.

This wonderful news gives us the potential for rewarding conversations, meeting our email and Facebook friends in person and seeing dogs from all over the country. It helps breeding programs, which helps everyone who wants a well-bred puppy. Due to the fact we are licensed, when we hold these events together, it is an AKC recognized event and we will draw more members from around the country.


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