AKC Recognition Registrations

May 13, 2015 7:35 PM | Kerin Schwartz
On June 1, 2015  AKC will be converting our Foundation Stock Service (FSS) registrations to full recognition AKC registrations. Anyone that has a three generation pedigree is eligible to receive new full recognition AKC registration. They should arrive in the month of June so don't panic if you don't receive it right away. There are three reasons you may not get one:1) If you have a new address since you first got your FSS registration. Check your address on your registration. If it is incorrect email fss@akc.org with your FSS number, dogs name and your name with the corrected address, specifying that it is an address correction and you wish to have a converted  AKC registration..2) If your dog is over the age of five years it will not convert automatically. If you wish to have one you will need to contact fss@akc.org. Give them your FSS number and name of your dog along with your name and address explaining your dogs age and your wish to have a converted AKC registration. 3) You may not have a three generation pedigree Only dogs with three generation pedigrees are eligible for the full recognition AKC registration. If you have a one or two generation pedigree you are not eligible to get the new AKC registration. If you  believe that you do have a 3 generation pedigree and have not received it in the mail by the end of June, please contact Theresa Nehemiah (TheresaNehemiah@yahoo.com) for verification.
Any questions or concerns may be emailed to TheresaNehemiah@yahoo.com

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